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No clear documentation

The "how to" is four primitive pictures, one with a link to watch a YouTube video with intermittent repeating music and unclear directions (shows a long press in one location and a pin dropping over a block away!) It shows Google street views, but Google maps does this and is more user friendly.

Just got it

Guess will find out soon enough!

Dont Waste of money!!!

I only see pictures of the neighbourhood that Im at, there is no option to start directions it just shows the overall route and nothing else!

A lot of improvements needed!

Very difficult to work with the app. Cannot find a way to remove points!

What the heck?

Good thing I got it for free, all I got to do now is to uninstall. The only thing good about the app is the split screen for map and street view. But everything else is worst than sh$&@. My advise to all, just avoid it and dont waste your time.



Doesnt work well

Not worth the money. It does not work well.

Got it free wouldnt pay for it

Search is horrible its using my location but if I search for something it shows stuff in other states. So search is useless. Would be cool if that worked I like the street view with map but if I cant search for the nearest store and get directions quickly its useless.

Needs work

Look I know how muck work people put into coming up with these apps, so I hate to be to critical, but a few things that need fixing. First the cost is a little much for this particular app the way it is now. I was personally lucky and found the app free online. So my main grip with this app is it does not offer you options like fastest route, avoid tolls, ect, ect. When I entered a route I travel a lot this app took me the long route and I personally dont want to use an app that isnt going to offer me an option for fastest route over their long cut. I tried a few other routes with the same outcome. With a few fixes and lowering the price for the app a bit it may be worth it to some people. What I did like very much about the app and what sets it apart from other navigation maps is that it offers you a real time image of your route on the top half of the screen and the bottom half is your map showing were you are on the map and upcoming turns. That was kinda cool.

Awesome app

Love the street view

We Maps

Good and up to date application

We Map


Deserves 3 stars, but Im giving the benefit if the doubt.

I like the app, but it feels incomplete. Im waiting for more features to be implemented. A best of both worlds scenario. That, and I support the paid app movement. If completed, well worth more than the 66¢ youre getting per sale.

Great Work Aid

Application works great and is a great tool for geo- marking locations at work.

Best terrain feature

Since the original google maps for the iPad 1 Ive loved the terrain feature. Ive actually kept, an iPad1 for this feature only. Having just upgraded to the iPad air I just wanted one light solution. This so close and with better zoom than google that it solves my problem and allows me to finally sell the iPad 1. Love it!

We maps

Curiously symbiotic. Plays together nicely.

Very good app you will not buying it chuck p

Very good to see were you going before you go look for familiar objects help travel with confidence

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